Increed Technologies started in the year 2012 with teaching and learning solutions for higher education using the latest technologies and interactive methods. We have diversified into various different fields since the time of inception. Apart from Education we have diversified into different business segments like Animation, Digital Visualization & Information Technology (IT). Our various business segments are EzEd, Uni Ed and Diviz. We at Increed strive to develop world class content through multimedia, look at innovative delivery mechanisms and use latest trends and technologies for improving the quality of effective communication.

Increed Code

Code of Conduct

Increed Code reflects the core values of our company. We will always live up to the principles of our code. Our Core Values represent who we are. They provide without question the standard of behaviour by which we conduct business. These values are the heart, soul, and character of INCREED.
INCREED has and will always continue to uphold the highest levels of business ethics and personal integrity in all types of transactions and interactions , and everything we create will be a reflection of our mission to be as Transparent, Generous, Compassionate, Fun loving and Phenomenal as possible.


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